Movie Quiz 1 – Actresses

Who played Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech ?

In the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises who will be playing Catwoman ?

Michelle Williams recently played which screen icon opposite Kenneth Branagh and Julia Ormond ?

Miranda Richardson took the role of Lady Van Tassel in which 1999 Tim Burton film ?

English actress Emma Thompson won an Oscar for her part in Howards End and Best Adapted Screenplay for which film in which she also starred ?

She played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fake wife in Total Recall ?

Brigitte Nielson took the part of Karla Fry opposite Eddie Murhy in which 1987 action comedy ?

Which screen icon played Joan of Arc in the movie of the same name in 1948 ?

Which actress beat out Julia Stiles and Christina Ricci for the part of Claudia in ’Interview with the Vampire’ ?

What screen icon was born Betty Joan Perske ?