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Review of the magazine by Dan at The Quiz Addict Blog.

I am not sure how I first came across Pocket Pub Quiz Magazine but a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the website for the this new publication from Quizzical Media Ltd and in short its blooming marvellous.

For some time I think there has been a gap in the market for this sort of product. Off the rows and rows of monthly puzzle books you will find in your local newsagents a quiz book certainly has a much needed place. I believe Pocket Pub Quiz has been sold in various Tesco and WH Smith stores and of course is available online. Its well worth the cover price and certainly will keep any avid quizzer busy for some time.

Each issue comes with a range of puzzles from standard quiz questions on a range of subjects (and also a range of difficulty). What this means for the consumer is that you get a chance to test yourself no matter what level. I certainly enjoyed all aspects of the questions and even my other half, not usually a keen quizzer, enjoyed certain elements of it.

But Pocket Pub Quiz is far from just lists of questions. A real effort has been made to keep this book diverse and fresh so included are anagrams, wordsearches, crosswords and matching games….all will test and boost quizzing knowledge. I had bags of fun with this book, learned a lot and it made a huge difference rather than the hours I usually spend ploughing through lists and lists. A nice addition to my learning regime!

One thing that becomes apparent from the offset is that there is a clear passion behind this book. This is a quiz book by quizzers for quizzers and having talked to the man behind the whole project it is evident this is a personal interest and passion. This makes the title all the more enjoyable. The questions are all original and fresh as Ash, the aforementioned brains behind the project, researches each and every questions himself and is determined to make this book stand out!

It is laid out well, being pocket size it is easy to transport and the content is easy to use. It is a great publication!

I really cannot praise this book enough. There was a gap in the market for a product such as this and I hope it succeeds and the clear level of effort and care put into producing a quality product with a wide appeal is evident throughout.

Posted by Daniel Fullard

The Quiz Addict

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